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Autobiography of Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi 'alayh)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Spending in the way of Allah

Maulana Yahya (rahmatullahi 'alayh), as Sheikhul Hadeeth's (rahmatullahi 'alayh) father, was his main source of Tarbiyah (upbringing according to the Sunnah). He was entirely devoted, as we shall see, in his efforts to mould his character into one that would serve the Deen as he did.

My father took special care that I should never have any money on me. For me to borrow or accept any money from another was completely out of the question, but even to accept any food or drink from another was impossible. If it did so happen, deep investigations would take place if ever there was any doubt involved (as will be seen in a following story).

However he always had a habit of giving me some money but together with this was his desire that money should not remain in my possesstion. Thus whenever he intended to give me something, he first informed my mother thereof. Thereupon my mother (may Allah bless her with high rank in paradise) who loved me intensely, would impress upon me the great reward in giving to others, as well as great benefits thereof in the hereafter together with the non-beneficial nature of spending it on wordly things. Then she would say to me: "If you have any money, then give it away. You will be rewarded."

Thus I learnt to give, mostly because of my mother's love and also to an extent for the sake of reward. In this manner the picture of that hadeeth was before my eyes at that early age without having studied hadeeth:

"Whoever is called to account, is surely punished."

I looked upon giving away whatever money I had as being a deed of righteousness. The effect of it was that even up to this day I have not got the habit of keeping money on me. Allah has been kind indeed by granting me such friends who are at all times prepared to see to my needs, and send the bill to me after a couple of days.

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