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Autobiography of Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi 'alayh)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Teacher’s Love...

The intimate teacher-student relationship that Sheikhul Hadeeth (rahmatullahi 'alayh) describes here is surely something to be envied. Teachers are rare gems that are waiting to be discovered, but he who seeks will surely find.

What shall I write concerning the spiritual stature of the Elders of the second era and how shall I write that. My first meeting with my Murshid, my Master and Guide, Hazrat Maulana Khaleel Ahmed Saheb was in Rajab 1328 Hijri. But up to the time of my father's death or up to 1333 Hijri I had very little chance of being in his esteemed company. In spite of that, Hazrat's kindness to me was innumerable. His looking at me with love was something I experienced from the beginning. The result was that which I had described under the section dealing with my studies. It was this which prompted him to advise against my being sent to Maulana Abdul Majid for studying logic. He did not accept, that for a whole year, I should be separated from him.

My direct contact with Hazrat started after the death of my father, when Hazrat showed himself to be a father to me in the true sense of the word. In my description of my first marriage, I had related how I had declined the bringing of my wife from Kandhla, as Kandhla was my hometown. The taking away and the bringing back of a wife with you was a delicate question. Hazrat understood this and said: "Who is there that will refuse. I have come as a father to perform this marriage."

Once on seeing Hazrat's kindness to me and my continuous presence with him, a person asked: "Is this your son?" Hazrat replied: "He is more than a son to me."

...In spite of his very high rank and his magnificent stature, his favours towards me increased all the time, firstly because of the fact I was an orphan and secondly as a result of the work on 'Bazlul Majhood'. Hazrat was very devoted to his research on Bazl and as a result thereof his love for me increased tremendously. Another very important fact is that the work done on Bazl was a great favour to me because as a result of it, Hazrat never took notice of my iniquities and shortcomings.

See Sacredlearning.com à General Talks à Finding a Hidden Gem for Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar's [db] own account about how he found his teacher.

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