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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Power of Dua (Part 1)

Here, Hazrat Shaykh Rahmatallahialay explains the dangers of making certain duas especially in those times when all duas are excepted.

I generally spent the whole of Ramadan in I'tikaaf in Nizamuddin, but half of the Ramadan of 1364 was spent in Saharanpur. At that time, the League followers had a slogan which they were shouting at every procession: "We shall take Pakistan for sure. We shall take it even if we die. We shall take it even if we have to kill. we shall take it with blood." Even in Ramadan after Taraweeh till Sehri these cries were heard.

I tried to advise the people against this, and sent messages repeatedly: " In these blessed nights of Ramadan it is time for making dua. If you have to, then do indeed make dua for your Pakistan. Ask for Pakistan, but do not ask for it through killing and blood-shed."

But no, there was such excitement and enthusiasm that their minds became clouded. in the Hadith there is an instruction not to curse your children and your wealth. For Allah Ta'ala some moments are such that whatever dua is made in it is accepted.

"Fa inna lillaahi saa'aatan laa yuraddo fihin ne saa'ilan"
"For verily Allah has certain times wherein no person who asks is rejected

This hadith has been quoted in many ways.

In Mishkat it is reported by Hazrat Jabir Radhiallahu Anhu: "Do not curse yourselves and do not curse your possessions or your children. Let it not be such, that your dua is made at such a time when Allah accepts your dua.

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It was very helpful article. We all should learn various supplications and should always ask for blessings and forgiveness from Allah. Thanks

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