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Autobiography of Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi 'alayh)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sincerity in Seeking Knowledge

Indeed, Shaykhul Hadeeth (rahmatullahi 'alayh) was blessed through the barakah of his father's prayers. This is surely what is meant by true love; a love that is always linked with Allah (subhaanahu wata'aalaa). The extract below demonstrates this love, and shows just how immersed Maulana Zakariyya (rahmatuallahi 'alayh) was in the world of Hadeeth...

On the 7th Muharram 1332 Hijri after Zuhr salah I started Mishkat Shareef . My father who used to lead salah, led Zuhr salah on that day . After Zuhr he performed ghusl and proceeded to the room upstairs which today is the guest-room . At that time it was the Farsi-khana and other than during madrassa times it was our resting place . There, facing the door leading to the masjid, on the spot where the Farsi teachers sit and where their mats are spread, he spread a musalla and performed two raka'ahs nafal salah. Then turning towards me, he made me recite 'Bismillah" and read the Khutba of Mishkat. Then turning to the Qiblah he made duaa for about fifteen to twenty minutes. I am not aware of what things he prayed for. I know that I only had one prayer in my heart :"The study of hadeeth for me had stated quite late. Ya Allah keep this Knowledge with me till my death." Alhamdu lillah in spite of my weakness and iniquity Allah has accepted this duaa of mine. So that from 1332 Hijri onwards until 1390 Hijri no time passed when I was not busy with some aspect or other of hadeeth studies.

This is so, although at the time I was wondering how this will be attained because , even if I should become a teacher, ten or twelve years will pass by before I will be allowed to teach hadeeth. At that time Maulana Abdul Lateef, who had been appointed as lecturer in 1323 Hijri, had up to then not yet reached the stage of teaching Mishkat.

But of course Allah is the Causer of Causes and when He desires anything, He Himself creates the Cause . In 1332 Hijri I read Mishkat and in 1333 Hijri and 1334 I read Daura, which will be detailed later.

From 1335 Hijri Bazal Majhood was begun , which lasted till 1345 Hijri. Then started the work on Owjaz which was finished in 1375 Hijri and together with it various other works connected with hadeeth, which through Allah's Grace still remains with me.

In 1341 Hijri my period of teaching hadeeth started which lasted till 1388 Hijri, after which through bladder problems (Nuzool Ab) this blessed programme of teaching was terminated. Praise be to Allah that even today in 1390 Hijri I am still involved with writings on hadeeth. We shall continue whether my evil deeds will allow it or not.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

True Gifts

We have seen in the UK, with Heathrow being shrouded in fog and consequently, many Hajji's failing to make the journey, no one will perform a deed that they had the strongest intention to do without the Will of Allah. Below Sheikhul Hadeeth relates a similar story, where he had prepared to do Hajj with Hazrat Raipuri, but then had been unable to go. He also mentions the 'gifts' he received from Hazrat Raipuri's Hajj journey...

I had decided to perform 'Haj-e-badal' on behalf of my deceased daughter Shakira and had borrowed the money and handed it to Hazrat. May Allah reward Maulana well. He not only performed her Haj but I heard that thereafter until the time he left for Egypt, he also performed many Umrah on her behalf.
But to this day, I regret not being with Hazrat on this Haj.

On his return he said to me: "Throughout this journey, I have been thinking about what I can take back for you that would please you. I thought about a mishlah, musalla and certain other things, but then I thought to myself that you would definitely express great happiness at my presenting it to you, but it would not truly please your heart. I wanted something that would truly please you. After pondering over this for a long time and giving it great thought, I wore an Ihraam from Masjid-un-Nabawwi on your behalf."

I said: "Hazrat, you tell me, could there have been any greater favour? An Umrah and ontop of that performed by you...and that too from Masjid-un-Nabawwi! Inshaa allah, that is more than enough for me."

Due to the barakat of Hazrat's favours, sincerity and love, I have received news of people having performed hundreds of Umrahs on my behalf. Lately together with Umrahs, news of Haj-e-Badal on my behalf has also reached me. In some years, I have been informed of upto ten or twelve Haj-e-Badal having been performed.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

As-Sabiqoon Conference

Masha allah, may Allah let us derive long lasting benefit from this event. It was absolutely excellent and fulfilled its purpose, that is, to remind us of where we stand and helped put our lives into context. Subhanallah, the speakers indeed spoke the truth and I was also pleased to see a lot of material by traditional scholars being sold at the stalls [yes, including Maulana Zakariyya, and of course his spiritual 'descendants'*]. May Allah also abundantly reward the efforts of the organisers and the 'Ulama that blessed us with their presence.

Like they say, it's all about where your heart belongs...

*by this I mean the likes of Shaykh Ahmed Ali, Riyadhul Haq, Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf etc.