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Autobiography of Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi 'alayh)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flattery and Humility

A very short extract, but it just struck me how those connected with Allah responded to flattery with, not pride, but humility!

One such story was told about the 'Babul Istihaadhah'. Once on my visit to Deoband, Hazrat Madani said to me: "You have in Kitabul-Haj of Owjaz written a very nice thing, which pleased me very much. Many of Imam Bukhari's objections have been removed through your commentary."

At that moment Hazrat was walking towards his class to go and teach. I bent my head and was so moved that I could not even ask to which part of my writing he was referring to, which caused Imam Bukhari's objections to end. On many occasions I have wanted to ask him, but because of my shyness I could not.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Power of Dua: A Warning

The partition of India was a mass of chaos that we in the West can little appreciate. Sheikhul Hadeeth رحمة الله عليه gives a grave warning about the slogans that were thrown around at the time.

At that time the League followers had a slogan which they were shouting in every procession: "We shall take Pakistan for sure. We shall take it even if we die. We shall take it even if we have to kill. We shall take it with blood." Even in Ramadan from after Taraweeh till Sehri these cries were heard.

I tried to advise the people against this, and sent them messages repeatedly: "In these blessed nights of Ramadan it is time for making dua. If you have to, then do indeed make dua for your Pakistan. Ask for Pakistan, but do not ask for it through killing and blood-shed."

But no, there was such excitement and enthusiasm that their minds became clouded. In the Hadith there is an instruction not to curse your children and your wealth. For Allah Ta'ala, some moments are such that whatever dua is made in it is accepted.

"Fa innaa lillaahi saa'aatan laa yuraddo fihin ne saa'ilan"

"For verily Allah has certain times wherein no person who asks is rejected."

This hadith is quoted in many ways.

In Mishkat, it is reported by Hazrat Jaabir Radhiallahu Anhu:

"Do not curse yourselves and do not curse your possessions or your children. Let it not be such, that your dua is made at such a time when Allah accepts your dua."

This disease is very prevalent amongst women. When they are angered by their children displeasing them, they curse them: "Mar jaa" (Go and perish) or "Go and become mad!" When this curse is accepted and becomes a reality they sit and cry.

In my classes I have always stressed that when you make dua, then make those duas which are from the texts of Qur'an and Hadith, because there is nothing regarding one's needs in this world and the hereafter left out. As well as how to ask for it. I would like to write down a little story which is a bit off the point but it quite illustrative. I have heard it on more than one occasion from the Elders and have told it in class quite often, that one should not make dua in your words. Rather make dua in the words of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, because first of all it is the word of the 'Beloved of Allah' and such words have greater value in the sight of Allah. Secondly, these words (found in the Ahaadith) are so comprehensive that whatever one wishes to ask for, is included therein.

There was certain 'dom' (folk dancer) in a village, who used to go around on foot. While going somewhere, he became very tired and said: "Ya Allah, I need a horse." He made dua for a horse while he was in an extremely agitated state of mind, greatly in need for help and extremely earnest in his plea. In the end, he became angry and said: "Ya Allah if not a horse, then at least give me a pony."

In Allah's sight a dua made while in a state of extreme agitation and need is soon answered (as I have expereienced time and time again in my life).

At that time, the 'jajman' of the village came riding along on a mare. On the way, the mare gave birth to a pony and the owner found difficulty in carrying the new born foal home. He called out to the 'dom': "O Dom, pick this pony up and carry it on your shoulders!". The poor dom was too exhausted to even walk, let alone carry a pony. Greatly distressed he said, "Ya Allah, I asked for a horse under me, and now I have received a pony on top of me."

For this reason I tell my friends and through them I tell the women folk: "If you have to beat your children, beat them as much as you wish, but never curse them or make dua against them. And always try to make dua with the Sunnat duas from the Hadith or Quran.

In any case, the dua of the League supporters was answered and India was partitioned. But whatever they prayed for in Ramadan, that happened. Through killings, being killed and bloodshed, Pakistan was formed.

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The Intention

Again, there have been deep inconsistencies with the updates on this blog. Insha allah, the intention is that some degree of consistency may be established over the long summer and that insha allah, readers may continue to benefit.

What use is it to read without taking the benefit therein?

Ya Allah, let the people benefit! Aameen!